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The Current State of the Blazers

Relax. Take a deep breath, and breathe out slowly. This is what Blazer fans, including myself, have been trying to do all season. Could this season get any worse? Why has the injury bug been so mean to us? Variations of these questions have been discussed thoroughly by Blazer fans of all ages. The answers to these questions are simple. This season could be worse, thankfully Brandon Roy hasn’t torn up his knee, but his hamstring does seem to be made out of paper mache. There is no answer to the injury bug question except the possibility of a curse, could it be the curse of Sam Bowie? No one knows, but the Blazers keep managing to surprise us every few games. The victory over the Lakers on Jan 8th, who just can’t seem to win in Portland anymore. Andre Miller’s 52 point outburst to beat Dallas on the road when he can barely jump over a piece of paper. And most recently the victory in Phoenix where they successfully beat the Suns at their own game.

But another shocking development has come from all this bad luck so far this season. I believe that these injuries could be the best thing to happen to the Blazers. How could you say such a thing you ask? Well think carefully with me in the next few sentences. At the start of the season did anybody think that Dante Cunningham, Jeff Pendergraph, and Juwan Howard were going to play at all? Now they are getting consistent minutes every game. This is good for the future of Blazer basketball. Along with Jerryd Bayless, this crew is getting more experience by the game. Not to mention Juwan having the time of his life playing with the young guys and basically being a player-coach.

Now take a trip to the future with me. It’s next season and the Blazers are healthy and on a roll. Basketball talking heads and Sportscenter anchors ask out loud how the Blazers seem to be winning with ease when they have such a young team. As we look forward to next year think about this. Barring the injury bug striking with a vengeance yet again, the Blazers could have one of the deepest and youngest benches in the league. But they will not be an inexperienced group. They will be a young group full of energy that won’t be afraid of playing big minutes in a hostile environment with the game on the line.

This is what we have to look forward to Blazer fanatics. Lets try to get through the last 26 games of this season and hope for the best. The recent trade for Marcus Camby was a great move for a team dying for a post presence who isn’t a rookie or a 37 year old on his last legs. Maybe this team can shock the World and go a few rounds in the playoffs, but we have to get there first. Lets all have a positive attitude for the future. Rip City could be celebrating a championship parade in downtown Portland in the near future, and the bad luck this season could actually be a contributing factor.

Owen Reutlinger

1 comment:

  1. In the beginning of the season I would never have looked at this season as a rebuilding year but maybe so. Sometimes they look great and well sometimes... It is a great view of what the future could bring if only we can stay healthy.