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Hey Old Friend!

In a season that at one point saw the Portland Trail Blazers an injury or two away from holding open tryouts, the Blazers received much needed help from an old friend, Mike Dunleavy. Maybe he felt he owed the city something after the Blazers team he coached in the 1999-2000 Western Conference Finals, blew a 15 point 4th quarter lead. Maybe he felt it his duty as the General Manager of the Los Angeles Clippers to continue the franchise's history of personnel blunders. Maybe, Mike actually thought he was pulling a fast one on Blazers GM Kevin Pritchard. Well Mike, the dust has settled after this trade and on behalf of Blazer fans everywhere, I would like to say, thank you, for giving us Marcus Camby.
Thank you, for giving Blazer fans life in a season that had lost all hope. Thank you, for putting a bow on one of the Clippers lone bright spots this season and dropping him on the doorstep of the Rose Garden as you rolled through town. Thank you, for renting Steve Blake for the rest of the season. The Blazers appreciate the opportunity to develop their young talent and decide whether or not they would like to invite Steve back home when the season is over. Thank you, for taking Travis Outlaw off of our hands. Everyone is grateful for what Travis has done the last 6+ years in Portland, but like that last guest at the party, no one wanted to be the one to tell him he had to leave. Thanks Mike.
So Mike, old buddy, don't listen to what everyone will say about this trade. After all, you were able to sweet talk 1.5 million away from Paul Allen, right? And besides Mike, the Thunder didn't have any assets worth looking into anyway. Just remember when the playoffs roll around and the Blazers make their push, you played a part in getting them there. That's what friends are for, right? Thanks again pal!

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