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Why the Trailblazers Walked Away Loosers Sunday Night by Catherine Mullins

Figuring out why a game was lost is like trying to mind read--you can’t, that is unless it was Sunday’s Utah against Portland game.

Like undergoing slow Chinese Water torture, watching the Trailblazers 25 point mid-game lead dribble down to nothing by the end of the fourth quarter was agonizing. It was agonizing not just because this team which had seen so many personal injuries and changes in players the past few months had finally gotten the upper hand on a previously unshakeable team, but because the coach and fans could watch their lead erode from one simple problem.

“Stop watching the scoreboard and start concentrating on the game” Coach McMillan could be heard bellowing during a time out. Earlier he had told an ESPN correspondent who asked about the lead the Blazers held, that the Jazz always kept up the pressure, and that the Trailblazers would need to keep up the game way they had earlier to win . But the Blazers didn’t seem to be listening. With such a huge lead over a team they hadn't held a lead over for more than 2 minutes at a time before, complacency was all too easy to see in their eyes, in their posture, and in their playing. They stopped making baskets even at the foul line and dropped their defense like a lead anvil.

While Roy, Fernandez and Bantum seemed to think points only came in threes during the beginning of the game, they couldn’t come by any sort of a field goal by the end of fourth quarter. Meanwhile, the Jazz whose only points were from the charity stripe in the first three quarters began making hoops assembly line fashion. in the final quarter, as Boozer plowed through al opposition to rack up 22 points, the highest point average of the night, and most of those made within the last nine minutes of the game.

And while Utah’s defense wouldn’t let Portland within ten feet of the hoop from beginning to end of the game, Portland , upon feeling their lead, began leaving wide open gaps and following the ball, forgetting at times to cover their men at all. Camby had finally seemed to find his place in the team, making a miracle four blocks, and a number of steals and turnovers--guarding the paint like he was acquired to do--till he fell into the team’s laxidazical, spirit too, and with the rest of them passed whatever passion and aggression he was playing with earlier over to the Jazz on a silver platter

But loosing a game and being a looser are two different things. What made the Blazers loosers Sunday night was not the fact that they lost a game, but that they stopped trying . When you go from making every free throw count because you care, to missing every one because you think it‘s points are a mere bonus is when you go from loosing to looser.

Sunday night the Blazers showed that the Jazz is not a better team than they are. They showed that when they amalgamate as a team, they can crush whatever comes in their way, be they Boozer hoop machines or Seven-foot 300 lb. Kirilinko walls. They also showed they let numbers go to their head and forget that the game is about playing not just winning.

Perhaps reflecting on this as they travel to New York and realizing that despite all the injuries and changes, they can perform magic like they did through most of Sunday night’s game will not only take them to the championships, but help them beat the Jazz at that championship, not by 25, but by the 50 or more lead they should have set their sites on Sunday night.

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