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A Suggestion for Blazer Fans

If you feel the way I do as a Blazer fan, you are far from giving up on Greg Oden. Maybe it was the hoopla surrounding winning the lottery or maybe it is seeing Kevin Durant flourish in OKC. Whatever it is, I am not ready to give up just yet. Greg has shown that he has the potential to be a great big man when he is healthy and I am not willing to write that off any time soon.

My suggestion for Blazer fans regarding Greg Oden is simple and may have been programmed into my head by subliminal messages from the Blazers marketing department. If you haven't seen the new On The Go with G.O. video (see bottom for link) the NBA has up on it's website featuring Greg, do yourself a favor and watch it. Greg's personality was one of the cherries on top of the sundae for Blazer fans when the team drafted him but because of injuries and pressure, no one really got to see it. This video shows Greg's personality is back in full swing and Blazer fans should love it.

The suggestion I have for Blazer fans comes from the first episode of Greg's mini show. In the episode, Greg meets with former Portland mayor Bud Clark. Greg inquires about the "whoop whoop" that the mayor became famous for during his campaign and time as mayor. Several times during the episode Greg lets out his own "whoop whoop", which I found hilarious coming from the big fella. So my suggestion is that next year (or maybe in the playoffs this year) when Greg strikes for one of his signature rim-rattling dunks, Portland fans make a change. Instead of serenading Greg with some of loudest cheers Rip City has to offer, Blazer fans should give Greg a nice, crisp, "whoop whoop!"

Let it be a rally cry for Blazer fans. In a city customarily devestated by big men who don't pan out, let it be the fans way of letting Greg know that we aren't ready to give up on him yet. For Greg, let it be a signal to all of the doubters that he isn't about to give up. All of the fans, media and his peers who have already dubbed him a bust should all grow to hate the sound. Just like I hate to hear that stupid chainsaw at Oregon State football games (yes, proud Duck fan here) I want Los Angeles, Denver, OKC and Utah fans to talk about how dumb "that stupid noise" we make is.

Obviously this idea needs to get the OK from Greg himself in order to take shape. Just like whomever dubbed Joel Pryzbilla, "The Vanilla Gorilla" I don't want to start a trend that makes Greg cringe everytime he hears it. After watching the episode, I think Greg would be open to the idea and as Blazer fans I think it is the easiest way to let Greg know that we still have his back.

Whoop Whoop


Brandon Jones

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