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Greg Oden RIP

By Brian Ailor

Say it ain't so... another Sam Bowie Portland??? With the news of Greg Oden being out for the season yet again i cant help but think of what could have been. Missing out on the greatest basketball player of our generation for a player whose greatest achievement was pulling a Houdini on the hierarchy of the trailblazers into thinking he was a better player then Michael Jordan. That disaster might even be overshadowed by this recent development. Sam bowie 2.0 as I call him, or Greg Oden as he's commonly known, is the biggest, literally and figuratively perhaps, bust in the history of history.

Sam Bowie, as I'm sure no body remembers, was at least an all-star selection. He played 10 NBA seasons, averaging just short of 11 points a game during that span. He's far from Michael Jordan I know, but he's a lot closer to Jordan then Oden is to Durant. Greg Oden even when healthy is hardly worthy of playing time. Sadly Greg Oden has the body...and face, of an 80 year old. Its scientifically proven that he can not stay healthy.. The mans made of glass.

Kevin Durant, averaging 25.4 points per game for his career, was the second overall pick behind Greg Oden. To say the least, Portland made a terrible decision taking the big man over Durant. Here's a small sampling of players Portland could of have taken: Al Horford, Joakim Noah, or even Al Thorton. All three of which are big men who, as it turns out, are having far better careers. Not like that's a major accomplishment but still....

Oh what could have been Portland fans, Durant and Brandon Roy on the same team? If you think the Durant/Westbrook combination is explosive... Imagine the Roy/Durant era. That combination could have been a force to be reckoned with in the Western Conference for years and years. This generations Jordan and Pippen. Add LaMarcus Aldridge and away we go. Let it forever be known as "The Dynamic Duo That Never Was."

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