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Positive Realism

The Blazers suffered a loss to the lowly Sacramento Kings last night 96-81. Yes, the Kings became a disappoint 4-16 on the road last night with a win at the Rose Garden, but I assure you, it still isn't the end of the world for the Blazers. It seems like Blazers fans expect Rip City to perform at an all time height for 48 minutes every time they step on the court. Well, I'll let you in on a secret, that doesn't happen with any team.

I'm guessing everyone thought the Blazers had the game in the bag when they took the lead 65-63 half way through the third quarter after trailing the entire first half. Well, they didn't. But then again, if you want to look ahead to this post season, you have to get very nit-picky to even find a route for the Blazers to stand tall at the end of June. We've probably all pondered it, and New Orleans, Dallas, San Antonio and Utah may be the only four teams we can consider beating. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, I promise you that much.

I'm likely one of the last Oden believes in Oregon, but at least I have reason. His knee is recovering from a surgery he should have had two years ago that fixed his other knee. If this doesn't work, then I'm all perusing trade options for Oden and for Roy. Now while you digest that and tell me I'm hoping way too much, look ahead a couple of years. Say Oden and Roy do come back and are half as effective as their max potential would allow them to be.

Three years from now there will be no Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant in L.A. There won't be a San Antonio three some that continues to win games. Dirk Nowitzki will be three years older, nearing retirement unless the Mavericks make a playoff push soon. Deron Williams announced today that he's not happy in Utah. So then you can even take D-Will, Melo and Chris Paul and ship them to New York or New Jersey where they're far, far away. That really just leaves the Blazers and Team Durant.

Five years ago if you'd told that from 2014-19 the western conference finals would be a constant rivalry between the Thunder and Blazers, I would have laughed in your face. Naturally this excludes any uprising out of the Clippers, a rebuilding from the Suns or generating wins from any other competitor. For those of you who want to be realistic and hate on Roy and Oden's knees, be realistic about the age of the rest of the western stars. Be realistic about Melo, Williams and Paul's wants and needs. Believe in Rip City and you won't be disappointed.

When Oden was drafted he stated, “I can't wait to start playing in Portland and win lots of championships. Like 10 or 20.” Maybe he's right, he just meant those don't start until 2014. Until then, watch some Ducks football and prepare for an NBA dynasty in Portland.

Jacob Rogers

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